Learn something new everyday!!

I spent my whole day watching TED videos and then I did my workout. Well! I feel energetic!

So what lessons did I learn today that could be useful for everyone?

#1. Begin your day with a Work-Out

#2. The Power of Passion

#3. [This one’s strange] If you want to achieve your goal, then don’t focus on your goal

#4. The importance of focus in your life

#5. 21 days

So!! Let me explain everything that I have learned in detail.

  1.  Begin your day with a Work-Out

Life, for most of the people, has become a stressful 9 to 5 job and they just find it really difficult to spare some time for their fitness and health. I am not asking you to wake up at like 5 am and exercise and then head to office. Can you spare 20 minutes for an aerobics in the morning? Or a 20 minutes jog? How hard it is? Seriously!

  1. The Power of Passion

I love dancing. And I am a student. I have lots of stuff going on in my life, like improving my grades, looking for jobs, facing new challenges everyday etc. I am sure every person is struggling with something in his/her life. But don’t forget to spare some time for your passion. It could be anything that makes your soul happy. For me, I love dancing and I love music. For you, it could be the same or something even better. It could be reading a book, doing yoga, watching a movie, cooking, serving people, writing etc. which makes you feel really happy from inside. It’s very important in life to do something you love. Why do you think people give up their highly paid jobs just to follow their hearts? Because in the end, all that matters is your heart should be happy, you should be happy.

  1. If you want to achieve your goal, then don’t focus on your goal

I saw a really interesting TED talk on this topic. You should see it too. The person in the video has talked about how focusing on your goals is the one sure way NOT to achieve them. Sounds strange, isn’t it?

Well! At first I also was confused. But after watching the whole video, I understood. The gist of the video is: “Focus on what you can control (your behaviors) rather than what you can’t (your goals).” He has explained it in a very humorous way and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy watching it. Here is the link:

  1. The importance of focus in your life

“You’ve got to be super focused like a laser to get anything worthwhile done.”- James Cameron (Filmmaker, Titanic, Avatar)

There are many times when you feel like giving up, and if you don’t catch these negative thoughts in time, they’ll fester and grow until you actually do give up. If we focus on being tired and wanting to veg out in front of the TV, we will get a lot of television watching done. If, however, we focus on being healthy and fit, we will become healthy and fit through exercise and good eating.

“We are what we think; as we desire so do we become! By our thoughts, desires, and habits, we either ascend to the full divine dignity of our nature, or we descend to suffer and learn.” – J. Todd Ferrier

  1. 21 days

There are theories that say it’s the right amount of time to form a new habit. So, try the above things for three weeks and you’ll see that they will all become your habit! And trust me! you’re going to love it! 🙂

Thank you! 🙂








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